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Fire Suppression Cylinder Service Exchange

With the majority of systems having been placed in the market over the last 10 – 20 years there is a high demand for this service as all systems in place should have their cylinders tested and product replaced prior to the 10th anniversary of the date stamp on the cylinder.
As we are independent and not affiliated to any particular manufacturer we can supply Hygood, Kiddie, Fike, LPG, Tyco, Chubb and Thorn Cylinders.

We Supply FM200, IG541, Argonite, Argon, Nitrogen and C02 fire suppression refills and service exchange.

Arrange transport directly to your site and supply our own fully trained engineers to carry out the mechanical install on site for you.
We can also arrange for any necessary electrical work to be carried out.

How “Service Exchange” Works:

Because of the importance of the assets inert and liquefied gas systems protect it is difficult and costly for companies to have any “Down Time” when servicing, refilling cylinders or testing systems.

Universal Fire can provide you with a service that reduces the “Down Time” to almost zero. In the past the cylinders would have to be taken off the system and transported to the appropriate refilling or testing site, this process could take as long as 2 weeks leaving the system inoperable. This means Universal Fire can deliver to site the exact cylinder type that you need for your system, so if you have a Hygood, Kidde, Fike, Tyco or Chubb product we can bring to site an identical cylinder already tested, certified and refilled. As one cylinder comes off the system the replacement goes straight on, therefore eliminating “Down Time”.

If you can provide us with the following information:

  • Product Type i.e. FM200, Argonite…
  • Cylinder Type (to include Manufacturer, Height, Weight and Litre)
  • Digital Picture of Cylinder and valve.
  • Access times and any delivery restrictions
  • Location

We will provide you with a competitive quotation, delivered to your site.

Alternatively we can arrange for one of our engineers to visit the site and record all the necessary information on your behalf.